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Featured Jobs

Software Testing
Senior Test Analyst

QA Automation Engineer - £35-40k - Middlesbrough


Small town, big plans We all know Middlesbrough is renowned for its industry, football and parmos And with the proposed £250m digital city project on the horizon, we can now...

Lead .NET Developer
Lead .NET Developer

Software Development Manager - £45-55k - Newcastle City Centre


Bored of where you work? Doing the same thing repeatedly isn't just boring. Your skills decline. You embed bad habits. You stagnate... Want to be better at what you do?...

Product Management
Product Manager

Product Manager - £80-100k - Middlesbrough


Small town, big plans... So, we all know what Middlesbrough is renowned for... Industry, football and not forgetting Parmo’s With the proposed digital city on the horizon, looks like we...


What is .NET Standard?

What is .NET Standard?

What is .NET Standard? In recent blog posts, we’ve talked about what both .NET Core and Blazor are; in those posts, we’ve had to mention something called the .NET Standard, but what is it? The tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) is that the .NET Standard is a list of APIs and methods you should expect to find in .NET Framewo... read more...

The Future of .NET

The Future of .NET

The Future of .NET Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 to 12 months, you can't have escaped the fact that .NET has and continues to undergo some pretty dramatic changes. We've got "dotnet core", ".NET 4.8", "dotnet standard 1, 1.1, 2…" and now or very, very soon anyway ".NET 5", just what is a lowly p... read more...